3 Reasons to Toss Your Old Foam Roller

Your foam roller is great, but there may be something even better. Find out three key reasons why you may want to toss your foam roller.

Foam Rollers have taken the fitness world by storm in the last few years. It seems like everyone has at least used a foam roller if they don’t actually own a couple with varying densities. And really, they’re great! They help us begin to experience relief from the aches and pains of exercise and daily life.

The principle behind foam rolling is sound: Exercise induces microtears and swelling in muscle fiber, which impinge on nerves and vessels.  Over time, this can develop into adhesions and scar tissue.  Foam rolling helps smooth out these obstructions and break down adhesion, helping to increase blood-flow within the muscle. But there are a few problems with foam rollers that we just can’t ignore anymore.

1.  Foam rollers aren’t enough.

Our bodies are not uniform surfaces that match up to the broad curve of a foam roller. We have bumps and humps and bones and parts that stick out and parts that poke in.

We’ve definitely tried to make a foam roller work for all those parts, but it’s really not that comfortable to lay on the ground, face in the dirt while trying to get at that one spot in the pec. So let’s be real, foam rollers really can’t do it all.

2.  Foam rollers can’t provide a mobility maintenance routine.

We all know the importance of an annual exam with our doctors. We also take time to go to the dentist to have our teeth cleaned. We schedule haircuts at regular intervals to keep our coif’s looking right. We even keep an eye on our vehicles and take them in for regular maintenance. And if we’re smart, we do all these things before there is an alarming issue.

But do you even have mobility on your radar as a necessity for living well? And if it is on your radar, do you think foam rolling is enough for maintenance on your muscles? Think again. We need a mobility maintenance plan if we want to move freely.

3.  Foam rollers can’t effectively target trigger points.

Think for a minute about referred pain. That’s where pain is perceived at a location other than from where it is actually originating. An example would be hip pain from a knee injury or a headache from tense neck muscles.  It’s the reason we go for a full-body massage instead of just asking the therapist to only focus on the places we are “feeling” it.

It’s the reason we schedule regular therapy (such as physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic) instead of just going every once in awhile.

Foam rolling doesn’t take into account those referred pain areas. They don’t (and can’t!) address all the areas in need of mobility within the body. The sheer size of a foam roller means it can’t target specific muscles and access key trigger points. For those areas, we need balls or sticks and then you get into the problem of how the heck do we haul around all that stuff?!

What is the Solution?

Woe is us! We want (and need) it all, but is there a good solution? Yes, as a matter of fact, there is, and it’s called MOBO System.

It’s time for you to give MOBO System a try.

MOBO System is the whole package. It’s got your beloved foam roller, but it also has some nifty new tools that will take your mobility (and therefore your life) to a whole new level.

With MOBO, you can address those areas of dysfunction with ease (think no more face smashed against the wall or floor as you work on your pecs) as well as practice a regular mobility routine to keep you functioning at your best and moving freely (think preventative maintenance plan). Doesn’t this sound great? Prevent a headache instead of trying to get rid of one.

Prepare for your daily workout by mobilizing to increase range of motion so you avoid injuries. Undo that hunched-over posture you obtained from hours at the computer or driving or leaning over a patient. Continue physical or massage therapy at home between appointments so you can make faster progress on the road to health.

It’s time to be proactive with your mobility just like you are with your health. Stop living in denial – your foam roller cannot do it all. MOBO System will help you move freely, pain free. MOBO means mobility. Mobility is freedom. MOBO is freedom. www.mobosystem.com 

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