The Secret to a Big Strong Butt

Is there anything sadder than a flat or saggy backside? When I say I like big butts, I’m talking about the ones that come about only by hard work and consistent effort.  Not the ones that expand due to sitting around stuffing doughnuts in your mouth!

Bubble butts, as they have become affectionately known, have gained popularity in recent years as hardcore exercises like P90X, CrossFit, and Bootcamps have become mainstream.  Those kind of workouts are about building strong bodies and glutes are some of the strongest muscles we have.  But with all that intense working out to create that perfectly curved and perky butt comes muscle tightness and knots just like in every other muscle.

Now, if you’ve ever been to a really good massage therapist and asked them for a serious deep tissue massage, you might have gotten a butt massage that hurts oh-so-good.  Sometimes they’ll target your knotted up hind quarters with their elbows (OUCH!), but the temporary pain is well worth the release it provides.  If you’re consistently working those glutes, you could definitely benefit from that kind of relief every day. But who can afford daily massages?

Introducing MOBO – your big butt’s new best buddy. MOBO is an all-in-one, travel-ready mobility tool. With over 40 different configurations, there are several that are perfect for releasing all the strain you put on your gluteal mass.

Now don’t get me wrong – using MOBO on your butt won’t be a comfortable, pain-free experience. It will actually be a pain in the a$$! But, oh the relief you’ll get, will totally be worth it!

So get your butt in gear and check out Kickstarter campaign today!

It’s time for you to give MOBO System a try. It’s the whole package. It’s got your beloved foam roller, but it also has some nifty new tools that will take your mobility (and therefore your life) to a whole new level.

With MOBO, you can address those areas of dysfunction with ease (think no more face smashed against the wall or floor as you work on your pecs) as well as practice a regular mobility routine to keep you functioning at your best and moving freely (think preventative maintenance plan).

Doesn’t this sound great? Prevent a headache instead of trying to get rid of one. Prepare for your daily workout by mobilizing to increase range of motion so you avoid injuries. Undo that hunched-over posture you obtained from hours at the computer or driving or leaning over a patient. Continue physical or massage therapy at home between appointments so you can make faster progress on the road to health.

It’s time to be proactive with your mobility just like you are with your health. Stop living in denial – your foam roller cannot do it all. MOBO System will help you move freely, pain free.

MOBO means mobility. Mobility is freedom. MOBO is freedom.


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