We are a team of wellness warriors with a passion for solving the mysteries of bodies in motion. Innovation fuels our mission to help improve mobility, providing superior products with professional training and education.


Christie “CP” Powell was broken from years of competitive sports in her youth and as a multi-sport collegiate athlete. With 20 years of experience as a physical therapist and clinic owner, she wanted to create a tool that would help people have a better solution for at-home therapy, body maintenance, and recovery. She called on her high school friend, Cosmo Raines.

Cosmo loved her passion and wanted to help. He was a multi-patented serial inventor who designed successful fitness products. Cosmo took the concepts from CP’s homemade solutions and morphed them into the patented MOBO line of products and joined her to launch MOBO System.


With thousands of products already in the hands of serious athletes, desk workers plagued with poor posture, and people with everyday aches and pains, in 2020 MOBO SYSTEM brought together a dedicated team eager to help people move better and more freely.


Dr. Christie Powell “CP”

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Creator of the concept of MOBO, CP’s title of CEO also stands for “Chief Encouragement Officer” and she takes her role very seriously. With great passion and energy, CP makes everyone feel welcome and important.

Cosmo Raines

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Cosmo is the inventor of MOBO’s products. When he’s not inventing something new (he currently holds six patents!), Cosmo’s enjoying a bit of SciFi with Suzi, his wife, or playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Melissa Laughlin

Chief Operations Officer

When our organizational skills are lacking, we look to Melissa to whip us into shape. She’s passionate, determined, and only a tiny bit competitive.

Diane Vives

Director of Education

When you interact with Diane, you hear her passion for improving the human experience. She really knows her stuff, but look out for her nerdy sense of humor.

Maureen Doane

Director of Sales

Maureen is a passionate, fun, and determined team member who works hard to share MOBO as much as possible. She’s a great coach, friend, mom, and wife, who bakes a mean cookie.

Chris Hopf

Director of Video and Social Media

Chris lives a life of creativity and curiosity, and brings that attitude to all his efforts. He’s supportive and caring and if you ask him a question, prepare yourself for an honest answer.

Suzi Raines

Director of Communications

Suzi writes and edits for MOBO, so she always carries a red pen, just in case. If you ask, Suzi will tell you she’s basically a happy person who really loves to laugh.

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