Meet the Leaders of MOBO’s Education Department

MOBO sparked from the desire to help people address movement limitations more functionally. As a physical therapist, our co-founder, Christie “CP” Powell, has worked with athletes, moms, dads, business professionals, artists, medical professionals, and more and she has found one commonality: a desire to do what they love, to the best of their ability, pain free.

The more CP worked with her variety of clients, the more she asked, “How can I help people stay healthy without my having to go home with each and every one of them?!”
The answer: MOBO.

The beauty of MOBO is the combination of simplicity, durability and functionality. It was designed for the highest-level athletes, but provides equal relief for those with everyday aches and pains. Of course MOBO is not a fix-all, but daily maintenance goes a long way in prevention of more complicated and difficult soft-tissue impairments.

That all sounds great in theory, but the next logical question is: Does it work? Is it more than just another health trend?

The short answer is, “Yes!” But let us introduce the members of our team who are verifying and quantifying that confident response. The leaders of our Education Department have spent their professional lives working to make people move and feel better. Their passion merges with MOBO to bring you a high-quality product plus excellent education.


Diane is the Director of Education for MOBO System. She comes to us with a 25-year background as a strength coach, director of training, public speaker, educator to industry professionals, and published author. Prior to joining MOBO System, she was the Director of Education for Functional Movement Systems or FMS.

Diane has also served as a board and council member for companies such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Under Armour Performance Training. She is an expert in developing content based on innovation and scientific evidence. She has traveled the world as an educational public speaker in the fitness industry. This has allowed her to be well-versed in fitness trends both domestic and abroad.

In addition to public speaking, Diane has shared her findings in publications in Strength and Conditioning Journal, Australian Sports Medicine Journal, Personal Training Journal by NSCA, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, Shape, Tennis Magazine, Time Magazine, Runner’s World, Austin Fit Magazine, and the Strength Coach Podcast. She is co-author of Training for Speed, Agility, & Quickness as well as Developing Speed, which are both published by Human Kinetics.


CP is the Chief Education Officer and Co-CEO of MOBO System. She developed MOBO System as a tool and education system derived from the needs of individuals she has treated over the past 20 years as a practicing physical therapist and owner/director of her physical therapy company, Champion Performance.

CP specializes in sport-specific rehabilitation as well as injury prevention strategies and return-to-sport assessment. She completed her dissertation on the use of functional performance measurements to predict injury in the lower extremity in soccer players. It is based on a comprehensive test battery she designed as a pre-participation screening tool to assess when players are ready to return to sport. Her PhD is in Rehabilitation and Movement Science from The University of Texas at Austin.

CP has multiple publications including a Special Topics chapter “Functional Measures for the Lower Extremity Injuries: A Guide to Safe Return to Sport” in the Handbook of Orthopedic Rehabilitation on return-to-sport rehabilitation and assessment. Her interest in research and education has extended to public speaking engagements focusing on injury prevention and maintenance for associations such as NSCA, ACSM, and Camp Gladiator.

Our company is founded on the desire to impact as many individuals as we can. We understand and pride ourselves on the idea that the small things (repeated over time) are the big things. Our passionate attention to detail through conception, production, education, and delivery will ensure that at MOBO System, we move you.

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