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Why Do You Need a
Myofascial Release Tool?

Having effective myofascial release tools

 allows you to integrate self-massage strategies into the mobility portion of your warmup and recovery phases.

When using your muscles in daily activities, fitness endeavors and in sports performance and training, damage can occur. However, this damage is part of the development, strengthening, and overloading process that our bodies experience.

Many high performing athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been incorporating myofascial release tools as a regular part of their practice for years. They understand that myofascial release yields healthy muscle and connective tissue which yields better mobility. And better mobility means fewer barriers to performance improvement as well as better protection against injury.

What to look for in a Myofascial Release Tool

myofascial release tool MOBO MAXFunctionality

To have full body support,

 it’s important to give attention to both your muscle tissue and connective tissue. In order to do that you will want either a set of tools or one versatile tool that gives you multiple options and functions. This will allow you to address multiple areas of tension, lack of mobility, and soreness.

Variable Intensity

Your ability to vary intensity

 will aid in your application of a variety of myofascial release therapies. The intensity level is based on the area of the body you are working on, the technique being applied, and your existing tolerance levels for myofascial release and pressure. It’s important to have a tool or set of tools that give you mild, moderate, and more aggressive options so that you consistently have what you need on hand for best results.

myofascial release tool MOBO MAXEasy to Use

Look for easy-to-understand instructions with your myofascial release tool

 so that you can be confident using it on your own. If a tool seems overwhelming, lacks online video instruction, or is too complicated, it can be discouraging and a barrier to getting results. Also, having the right tool with you on the go for any myofascial release session really helps you successfully, safely, and consistently address problem areas of tension before or after your activity or sport.

Myofascial Release Tool Comparison

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MYOFASCIAL TOOLMOBO MAX™SKLZ® Dual Point MassagerTriggerPoint MBX® BallRAD® Axle ITiger Tail™ The OriginalAcumobility™
FEATURESCombination massage ball, stick, roller, peanut and flat based ballPeanutMassage ballFoam rollerMassage stickFlat-based massage ball
USED FOR/ TECHNIQUESDeep tissue compression, rolling, and pin & releaseDeep tissue compression Deep tissue compression RollingRollingDeep tissue compression
CONDITIONSReduces pain, releases tension areas and trigger points, improves recovery and increases mobilityRelieves pain and knotsPain reliefRelieves aches and pains, mobilitySoreness and recoveryRelease knots and trigger points
OPTIMIZATIONCombines 5 tools in 1, adjustable, functional design with non-slip surface, anchors to wall and floorSpine-friendly designTargets small areas for localized myofascial releaseNon-bulky roller with high-density foamFirm, non-flexible massage stickFlat based massage ball with tacky surface
TARGET AREASChest, hips, back, spine, upper trap, lats, head, neck, calves, hamstring, quads, foot, shins/ant tib, glutes, TFL, IT band Back and spineCalves, piriformis, and pecsBack, spine, legs, shoulder, neck, pecs, latsLegs, neck, calves, thighs, shins, backNeck, upper trap, psoas, calf, pec, hamstring, ant tib, foot

MOBO MAX for Myofascial Release

myofascial release tool MOBO MAXHaving an efficient and effective mobility strategy with the right myofascial release tool

 can give you an advantage in your training. MOBO MAX provides a functional design, allows for variable intensity, and is easy to use anywhere.

Supportive how-to videos are available to level up your mobility strategies and routines. This can improve the results that you are seeking from your daily activity, fitness, or sports performance experience.


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