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The ONLY adjustable 2-ball solution for your back and neck.

Customize the ball spacing to fit your back and neck area perfectly. Change out the balls to achieve the intensity and deep tissue penetration that works best for your body type and comfort level.  Includes 2 Advanced Balls.



The ONLY MULTI-ADJUSTABLE 2-Ball Solution for your Back, Neck and Feet.

Only the MOBO System’s MINI allows you to Customize the Ball Spacing in increments of .5″ to Fit your Back, Neck and Feet areas perfectly. MOBO’s Patent Pending System allows you to Change out the Balls to achieve the intensity and deep tissue penetration that works best for your body type and comfort level.

MOBO MINI is your Essential Rolling Mobility Tool – effectively target those dysfunctions to increase your range of motion and get you moving, pain free.

This is the same tool that the PRO’s use when prepping tissues for training or competition, when recovering from serious efforts, restoring range of motion, relieving muscle tension, increasing mobility and aiding in recovery through self myofascial release.

MOBO Products are not cheap plastic.  We manufacture our products with the highest quality materials and with the highest tolerances.

MOBO MINI+ ships with the following:

  • (2) TPR Regular Blue Bands
  • (2) Birch Wood Balls
  • (1) Airplane Grade Aluminum Long Wand 
  • TRAVEL, ATHLETE and HOME THERAPY FRIENDLY: Under 1.5lbs, MOBO MINI is everything you need while you travel.  MOBO MINI has DOZENS of uses for essential body maintenance, reducing muscle tightness, and decreasing muscle pain. MOBO MINI works on every area of the body, from head, neck, trapezius, shoulders, thoracic and lumbar spine, glutes, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, IT band, adductors, psoas, calves, soleus, feet and hands.
  • DOZENS OF CONFIGURATIONS & HUNDREDS OF USES: Like a Swiss Army Knife, MOBO transforms into multiple configurations, which can be used anywhere on the body, thus increasing muscular resilience and assists circulation for the reduction of muscle soreness, stiffness and pain, before and after workouts. MOBO MINI is essential for anyone seeking to improve their overall health and wellness.
  • FAST, EASY AND ESSENTIAL TREATMENT: for foot, back, neck and shoulder pain. Ideal for home or office use and increasing athletic performance through athletic training (pre and post-workout) for CrossFit, triathletes, tennis, baseball, softball, swimming, powerlifting, running, hiking, cycling, football, volleyball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc. Durable parts are made to last and designed to withstand constant use.


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