Get moving -
the right way.

Getting Started

Discover the right way to improve tight muscles and mobility with nine essential releases, each designed to show you exactly how to keep moving.

Power3 Releases

Target specific areas with a series of 3 releases designed to address the most common mobility problems in key muscle groups.

Power3 - Hip

Targets better hip, lower core, and low back management
  • Front Hip
  • Side Hip
  • Glute
  • Power3 - Shoulder

    Targets shoulder, upper core, and upper extremity mobility
  • Chest
  • Upper Trap
  • Head & Neck
  • Power3 - Ankle

    Targets ankle mobility and full-body movement
  • Calf
  • Foot
  • Outer Lower Leg
  • Power3 - Low Back

    Targets better low back stability and support
  • Front Hip
  • Glute
  • Hamstring
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