Chest Release


The Chest Release results in better shoulder and upper core movement, as well as strength, endurance, and recovery for those who perform upper body exercises, running
activities, and sports and recreational activities that involve throwing, swinging, lifting, hitting, and much more. It targets the pectoralis muscle group to release tension on the front of the upper body to improve posture and position of the shoulder, upper back, and neck. This allows for better movement quality so your upper body can adapt to training, recover for the next day, and improve your experience regardless of your level of fitness or sports activity.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release.


  • You may place the same side foot as MOBO MAX in the forward foot position in the staggered stance if this feels more natural for you.
  • You may adjust the end of MOBO MAX at the contact area of the chest to find further points of release and repeat the steps above.


  • Avoid pressing into the armpit area.
  • Stop at any time that you feel sharp or radiating pain.
  • Females should avoid pressing into breast tissue.

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