Foot Release


The Foot Release supports our connection to the ground and our ability to stand longer, walk farther, hold a more stable plank position, run faster, and change direction better than your opponent. Regardless of your activity, favorite hobby, or sport, releasing unwanted tension in the foot will help you with anything you aim to do on your feet. You will experience better movement ability and recovery.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release.


  • If you have difficulty with balance or feeling safe in this standing position, you may sit on a chair or elevated surface to perform rolling for the Foot Release.


  • Avoid the outside edge of your foot to avoid damaging the bony structures or joints in that area.
  • Avoid directly rolling under the toes, especially your big toe (greater toe).
  • Do not excessively roll under the foot for long periods of time or too many repetitions.
  • Discontinue if you feel any sharp, zinging, or intense pain in the foot while you are rolling or performing the press and hold.

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