Front Hip Release


The Front Hip Release is for you if you sit at work, school, or home for long periods of time then quickly transition to an active task, fitness routine, sports activity, or you are simply trying to unwind the tension from sitting. This will allow you to perform lower body exercises, running activities, and sports or recreational activities that involve getting into an athletic stance, connecting strength and power in total body movements, quick stop and start movements, kicking, jumping, and much more. This
release targets the hip flexor muscle group to release tension on the front of the hip which improves posture and position of the hip, pelvis, and low back to assist you in making all of this possible.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release.


  • If MOBO slips or loses position, you can quickly lift the leg and re-locate the “rope-like” tendon in the crease of your hip and reset.
  • Maintaining a grasp of MOBO while performing the release can prevent or limit MOBO from slipping off the location.


  • Avoid arching the low back and maintain a level pelvis during the leg movements.
  • IMPORTANT: Avoid letting the end of MOBO move inward from that location towards the groin area to avoid putting pressure on vital nerves and vessels.
  • Always maintain pressure with MOBO and keep it parallel with the ground.
  • Discontinue if there is any sharp or radiating pain.

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