Head and Neck Release


The Head and Neck Release provides support for posture and position of your head and neck for those long days at your desk as well as supporting dynamic fitness and sports activities. Reducing tension on the back of your head and neck allows you to hold your head and neck in a better position to reduce unhealthy tension, improve total body movement, and encourage focus and acuity. The muscles in the subocciptal region and posterior cervical area can react to poor head positioning and habits by increasing tension. This can result in headaches and reactive neck muscles that work against good movement and breathing patterns. Rolling this area can allow you to release tension and improve this important posture and position in preparation for activity as well as for recovery strategies.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release.


  • If you feel an area of tension or sensitivity, you may use short, concentrated rolling in this area for 5-10 repetitions.


  • Do not allow the head to extend backwards and eyes to look up during the rolling motion. Focus eyes forward on something that is at your eye-level.
  • Avoid pressing or rolling with excessive pressure that pulls your head down and forward at your end range of motion (end range flexion).
  • Avoid allowing a roller to make contact with the center, bony part of your neck (down the spinous processes).
  • Discontinue if there is shooting, zinging, or radiating pain of any kind.

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