Power3 – Low Back


The Power3 – Low Back Releases are important to you if you hold tension in your low back and you have experienced how this changes your movement and ability to successfully engage the core. Your lower body conditioning and ability to develop strength and express power for many fitness activities and sports movements can be directly affected by tension in this region of your body. The muscles around the hips and that attach to the pelvis can alter your hip, pelvis, and low back positions. Therefore releasing this tension and having good mobility strategies can allow the range of motion needed to make positive changes in your body position, movements, exercises, and recovery strategies for injury resilience.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release. 


  • Maintaining a grasp of MOBO while performing the release can prevent or limit MOBO from slipping off the location.
  • You can perform Box Breathing at each location to encourage release. (Box Breathing is when you breathe in through the nose with mouth closed for a count of 4, pause for a count of 4, slowly exhale through the nose for a count of 4, then pause for again for a count of 4). Then perform the press and move described.


Front Hip:

  • IMPORTANT: Avoid letting the end of MOBO move inward from that location towards the groin area to avoid putting pressure on vital nerves and vessels.
  • During the leg movements, avoid arching the low back and maintain a level pelvis.

Glute Release:

  • Avoid putting end of MOBO close to the tailbone (sacrum).
  • Avoid putting directly on the hip bone (greater trochanter).
  • During the leg movements, avoid arching the low back and maintain a level pelvis.


  • The IT Band (most lateral/outside line from knee to hip) is a highly sensitive connective tissue structure. Adjust for only minimal to moderate pressure if needed.

All of Power 3 – Lower Back Releases: 

  • Discontinue if there is any sharp or radiating pain.

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