Power3 – Shoulder


The Power3 – Shoulder Releases result in better shoulder and upper core movement, strength, endurance, and recovery for those who perform upper body exercises, use the upper body in running movements, and enjoy sports and recreational activities that involve throwing, swinging, lifting, hitting, and much more. It targets the muscle groups
that can impact the position and posture of the shoulder complex as well as the upper back and neck positions, during activity and times of recovery. This allows for better
movement quality so your upper body can adapt to training, recover for the next day, and improve your experience regardless of your level of fitness or sports activity.

Please watch the video for instructions to perform this MOBO release.


  • You can perform Box Breathing at each location to encourage release. (Box Breathing is when you breathe in through the nose with mouth closed for a count of 4, pause for a count of 4, slowly exhale through the nose for a count of 4, then pause for again for a count of 4). Then perform the press and move described.


Upper Trap:

  • Avoid putting the end of MOBO on the bony part of the shoulder.
  • Do not force your head to turn or tilt beyond what is your comfortable range of motion.

Head and Neck:

  • Do not allow the head to extend backwards and eyes to look up during the rolling motion. Focus eyes forward on something that is at your eye-level.
  • Avoid pressing or rolling with excessive pressure that pulls your head down and forward at your end range of motion (end range flexion).
  • Avoid allowing a roller to make contact with the center, bony part of your neck (down the spinous processes).


  • Avoid pressing into the armpit area.
  • Stop at any time that you feel sharp or radiating pain.
  • Females should avoid pressing into breast tissue.

All Power3 – Shoulder Releases:

  • Discontinue if there is shooting, zinging, or radiating pain of any kind.

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